Want to tell your boss to f*** off without getting fired? This social network is made for you

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Slamstr.com is the world's first social network entirely dedicated to insulting people. It lets you send rude words or tasteless comments to all those people you love to hate - anonymously.

The site officially made the transition from a prototype web app into beta form on July 20 and has already been used to send thousands of insults, or "Slams" as they like to call them.

"The internet has always been an outlet for people's emotions - including aggression," explained Slamstr's 19-year-old co-founder Mark Stein.

"Our idea was to put a positive spin on this by giving people the opportunity to sign up for a chance to be insulted and they are loving it!"

Most social networks are no strangers to users' occasional bouts of offensive comments. In March 2010 the UK's Telegraph reported that a man was ordered to pay £165 (€195) for writing an insulting comment on his former girlfriend's Facebook page.

If you feel like dishing out a few anonymous insults (or have skin tough enough to withstand receiving a few "Slams" directed to you) you can sign up here: http://www.slamstr.com/ . Both parties - the one doing the insulting and the one on the receiving end - need to be signed up to the serivce.

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