What does 2002 hold for you?

Julia Stuart gazes into her crystal ball and discovers what the astrologers are predicting
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(22 Dec–20 Jan)

You are in with a good chance of meeting someone with serious relationship potential between January and August, according to Russell Grant. In the Daily Express, Claire Petulengro sees one person coming in and out of your life throughout the year. Harpers & Queen claims you'll be on a different level financially and professionally.


(21 Jan-19 Feb)

Love's up for Aquarians. Marie Claire sees "a glorious union with a passionate lover who is a kind, wise friend". After a dry spell until August, you will be beating off suitors with a hefty stick, according to Grant, who also says you may even end up engaged. The BBC teenage website So predicts you will be "passion-partying right through 2002".


(20 Feb-20 Mar)

Opportunities will fall into your lap, says So. The Express also sees opportunities coming your way. Grant believes you have "earned the right to coast along and enjoy life's ride" – and rather than passing on an inheritance, he suggests spending it on yourself.


(21 Mar-20 Apr)

Next year will be big for romance. According to B magazine, whether single or attached, you will "have the chance to be with someone who lights your fire". Grant says spring will be "aglow with romance" while "romantic rapture could turn to something much deeper as summer turns to autumn".


(21 Apr-21 May)

According to Cosmopolitan, frivolity should be abandoned for saving. Grant also predicts that "budgeting is the name of the game", as does So. But Harpers & Queen sees you moving your money around in the summer, and Marie Claire predicts you will earn more. According to B, there will be money in the bank, a wardrobe full of designer gear and an investment in the background.


(22 May-21 Jun)

In April and May you will be making changes that both shock and surprise others, says the Express. In August, you will be astounding people with your inventiveness, according to Harpers & Queen. Meanwhile, Grant predicts 2002 will be one of the most lucrative years of your entire life. B agrees, claiming you will "make more cash, find bargains, pick up lucky prizes or minor wins, and gain from a raise, bonus or other financial windfall" before 1 August.


(22 Jun-23 Jul)

A long-term romance is on the cards in April, according to the Express. Cosmopolitan predicts a secret admirer in the wings who'll make their presence known by late May. It also warns of a "muscle-bound man in May who defines the term 'five-minute fling'". Marie Claire says that between April and June "a lover with whom you have potent chemistry will draw you into an erotic fantasy that's grounded in commitment". The end of the year should go with a bang, says Cosmopolitan, predicting a wild night in a hot tub in November.


(24 Jul-23 Aug)

Cosmopolitan warns that the quiet charmer with whom you lock lips in February will be just a short stop on your dating journey – and should be treated accordingly. In addition, beware the geek who comes from nowhere in March and wants to rock your world. The Express claims you will be getting more confident about your love life: "People who you once thought were out of your league will now feel as if they are on your level," she says.


(24 Aug-23 Sept)

Your famous love of organisation will help you achieve something spectacular at work, according to B. So predicts "the year 2002 is a humdinger for vivacious Virgos because it's spotlight time for all that talent and hard work". Cosmopolitan disagrees: work worries will push you to the limit in April, it predicts. And Harpers & Queen warns that unless you are especially quick-witted, you could become a casualty for gossip at work in May.


(24 Sept-23 Oct)

Take care in February that you don't call out the wrong man's name between the sheets, advises Cosmopolitan, and look out for a taboo sexual adventure in a lift in July. Meanwhile, Russell Grant foresees you being "irresistible" from August, while at the same time counselling that it's time to invest for retirement.


(24 Oct-22 Nov)

In February or March a lover who has all the makings of being a devoted life partner will commit to you, according to Marie Claire. Love and sex go hand in hand this year, "which is perfection for a sensuous sign such as you", agrees the Daily Express. In the next few weeks you will score a big career victory and add some cash to your bank account, says Marie Claire. Meanwhile, Harpers & Queen foresees that by the end of May you will be involved in heavy negotiations over earnings or investments, which you will win.


(23 Nov-21 Dec)

Your life will be full of drama this year, according to the Express. Meanwhile, Russell Grant rather confusingly predicts that things may seem "a wee bit drab" for the first half of the year, though he predicts that will change in August. Harpers & Queen agrees that the second half of the year will be an adventurous period "when the ordinary or mundane just won't be enough".