What the Sunday papers say about the vote

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The Independent Online

The Mail on Sunday

"The Brown-Murdoch axis now offers Mr Blair the continued title of Prime Minister, on condition that he gives up his remaining authority.

"No wonder he kept the decision from his Cabinet. And no wonder he had to be ordered by the Speaker to explain himself to Parliament."

The Observer

"The pro-European camp was made to look stupid; Cabinet Ministers holding the agreed line were unnecessarily embarrassed; vital preparing of the intellectual, political and policy arguments had not been bought in. The only winners were the Eurosceptic press and the Conservative Party, who now have vital political momentum behind them while the pro-Europeans are stalled. The disarray could hardly have been more evident."

The Sunday Telegraph

"It is bitter for any politician to accept that his generational moment is over. Last week, as he promised to bet all on the EU constitution, the Prime Minister looked like the outdated in pursuit of the obsolescent: old, old, old, everything he says is old."

"Like it or not, the premier will have to listen to the answer."

The News of the World

"We are content to be part of Europe, not ruled by it. That's democracy Tony."