When internet searches get weird and other 'do tuna cook while they swim?’ queries

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Did duck hunting change the world? It is one of the many strange question you might only be confident enough to ask your search engine.

On April 21, search engine marketing agency Nina Hale Inc unveiled some of the weird search queries people have been typing into their search engine. The company's top ten list includes searches for "gloves that people can shoot out web," "who invented friction," and "wool gangster shirts."

Nina Hale Inc's top ten funniest or weirdest search queries collected from actual searches people conducted on Google from January to March 2010:

1. gloves that people can shoot out web
2. wool gangster shirts
3. what were the boots worn by tom selleck in quigley down under
4. do tuna cook while they swim
5. who invented friction
6. kitten smells like rotten eggs
7. is turkey poop brown
8. what is tuna made of
9. what does Farrah Faucet look like
10. did duck hunting change the world

An additional list of odd searches that didn't quite make the top ten includes the search terms:

golf cart dui
bare thighs squeezes
birth certificate for republic of guinea
there he goes one of gods own prototypes
free left-handed scholarships
penile fitness
can you wear wool in the rain
86 year young lady leaky heart valve surgery swollen feet ankles
what kind of boots does bruce springsteen wear
what are small flat bottom boats such as duck hunting boats prone to do
preppy dog collars for boys
I can't feel my fingers

For more oddball searches (like how to "Make your own natural cat repellent," "Sock Worship" and "Why are republicans called elephants") and to understand why approximately 600 people per DAY search for "Paintings of women that were crucified" and more than 8000 people are scared of "giant sea spiders," head to http://www.squidoo.com/weird-search.