Which company animal are you?

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Success to you means an ever-expanding pay packet and the biggest BMW in the car park. Not only do you want to make sure the company pays you what you think you deserve, you also want everyone to know it. You're competitive, but want to enjoy what you do, as well. You're the ultimate corporate player.


You want to be good at your job and recognised as such by your colleagues. Respect is very important to you. While you welcome any reward for work well done, this is a welcome side-effect rather than an absolute goal. Enjoyment is more important than status in the company hierarchy.


You're a doer - eager to have a tangible and positive effect on the company. Leaving a mark on the business is therefore a major goal. Increased responsibility is the first step towards achieving your goal. You are likely to be the office swot - willing to take on extra work beyond the normal remit of your job.


You are driven by the desire for personal achievement - the need to know you have done the job well. The greater the challenge, the bigger the sense of personal achievement. You are also very conscious of the need to balance the requirements of work with your private life - getting this right gives you great satisfaction.