Yard apology to Lawrence parents over documentary

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The Metropolitan Police launched a remarkable attack last night on police officers depicted in a television documentary attacking the parents of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.

The BBC programme, which has resulted in the suspension of four police officers, revealed how the problem of racism in the police force had not been eradicated.

It depicted one recruit admitting he would bury an Asian under a train track while a serving officer described Asians as a "pain in the f**king arse".

Another recruit said Stephen Lawrence, the murdered teenager, deserved his death, and called his mother and father "spongers".

The Metropolitan Police said after the programme, A Secret Policeman: "The service is appalled at the outrageous and insensitive behaviour of the police officers featured ... and especially by their callous remarks about the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence."

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) described the findings as "truly shocking".