You don’t even need leave your house to purchase these 10 great gifts for social media lovers

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When it's cold and wet outside, let's face it, who really wants to tackle the uber-busy shopping malls in the weeks leading up to Christmas? These gifts can all be purchased online and are sure to make a lot of social media fans happy this Christmas.

On December 14 Mashable released its "10 Great Digital Gifts for Social Media Lovers" gift list. The online buying guide will help you purchase great social-media oriented gifts for your internet-savvy friends and family this year without even needing to move one foot away from your computer.

Mashable's gift list includes music, movie and TV series from iTunes, cloud-based sharing and syncing from Dropbox, online photo storage and photo albums from Flickr and a huge range of products available from Amazon.

For that extra special touch, try personalizing your gift vouchers online and print out physical copies to give as a present.

Mashable's 10 Great Digital Gifts for Social Media Lovers:
1. iTunes gift certificates
2. Dropbox subscription
3. Flickr Pro
4. Amazon gift certificate
5. subscription
6. Steam gifts
7. Netflix subscription
8. Evernote premium
9. Audible gifts
10. Newegg gift cards