YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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The YouTube charts are more international this week than usual thanks to spoofs of the German movie Der Untergang (Downfall), incorporating the Apple iPad letdown, and overdone British reporting. The Austrian army is meanwhile facing the challenge of countering embarrassment regarding one of its recruitment videos.

1) Hitler responds to the iPad - A spoof of Apple's latest gadget, which disappointed many expectations, set against the backdrop of Der Untergang ( Downfall) starring Bruno Ganz. 2 928 384 views.

2) I'M HUGE!! - Ray William Johnson on a bear-deterring cat and TV's naughtiest weatherman. 2 401 013 views.

3) Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face ft. Nicki Minaj - Mariah Carey still refuses to grow up, dressing up as a nurse and a Barbie doll, among other personas, for her new music video. 1 233 095 views.

4) SEXY ITALIAN IN MY ROOM?? - The title wouldn't give it away, but this is Shane Dawson ranting about how much he hates being sick. 1 851 506 views.

5) Heidi Montag UNSEEN footage from Access Hollywood!!! - A spoof of "plastic surgery addict" Heidi Montag's appearance on Access Hollywood with Billy Bush. 1 811 474 views.

6) Kim Kardashian has THE BEST TWITTER!!! LYK OMG - Philip de Franco fills you in on creepy teachers and American Apparel's butt model contest. 1 737 307 views.

7) EPICLY Terrible Punishment!! - Removing 'oral sex' from the dictionary is not as bad of a parental punishment as killing a hamster with a hammer, says de Franco. 1 520 086 views.

8) Top 5 Secret Uses of the Apple iPAD!! - And even more from de Franco, who shows you how to use the iPad in unexpected ways. 1 180 795 views.

9) Austrian Armed Forces Ad - A controversial (but arguably funny) commercial for the Austrian army, which has been removed from its official website since the international press discovered it. 1 042 097 views.

10) Charlie Brooker - How To Report The News - British journalist and comic writer Charlie Brooker makes fun of all-too-common reporting means in broadcasting. 1 037 892 views.