YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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The Spanish version of We are the World, the charity song cover benefiting Haitian earthquake victims, has entered the top ten this week. Plus: soccer goal flubs, post-dunk sideline dances, and the latest in YouTube comedy.

1) OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official - The American band's latest music video, featuring a Rube Goldberg installation, is topping the ranking for the second time in a row. 7,358,319 views.

2) Wind scores an own goal - High winds turn a goal kick into a goal on a team's own net at a local soccer match in Germany. 3, 163, 592 views.

3) Communist Roll'd - When a burning tree branch looks like time travel, vlogger Ray William Johnson is sure to include it in one of his videos. 2,576,382 views.

4) CHERRY FERRETTI GOES DEEP - Web comedian Kassem G's new pornstar talk show is an instant hit. 2,043,180 views.

5) H0T TEENS GO WILD ON DEGRASSI: PART 2!! - Vlogger Shane Dawson is still spoofing the Degrassi high school series. 1,914,812 views.

6) BuzzWalksItOut.mp4 - College basketball coach Buzz Williams (Marquette University in the US) is having a little dance after Darius Johnson-Odom's slam dunk. 1,687,661 views.

7) Annoying Orange - A cheesy episode - YouTube regular Annoying Orange takes puns to a new level when cheese arrives. 1,682,547 views.

8) Evil Bunneh!! - Trampolines, evil bunnies, and fighting reports on vlogger's Ray William Johnson post. 1,665,217 views.

9) Multiverse Lindsay Lohan Wants My Babies - Vlogger Philip de Franco is trying to unravel the puzzles of American politics, including an anti-gay senator leaving a gay nightclub. 1,493,220 views.

10) Somos El Mundo Por Haiti - Stars including Ricky Martin, Shakira and Gloria Estefan sing for Haiti with the release of Somos El Mundo (Spanish for We are the World). 1, 238, 753 views.