YouTube's most watched videos of the week

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Shane Dawson remains the most popular YouTube blogger, closely followed by Nigahiga and Philly D. Other topics dominating viewer rankings this week include the G20 summit, media reviews, and US teen phenomenon Miley Cyrus.

1) ' Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A. - Official Music Video (HD)' -- The teen music star, who is currently under attack for not being a good role model to young girls (due to skimpy outfits and suggestive dancing), has released the official video to the US hit. 2 784 638 views.

2) ' LOVE GAME!!!!!' -- YouTube star Shane Dawson participates in a dating show nightmare. 1 723 117 views.

3) ' Off The Pill - Stink People' -- Nigahiga waives his ADHD pills and opens his off-the-pill rant series. 1 358 253 views.

4) ' Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA - Wonder World Tour' -- The live version of Miley's hit song, performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim (US) on September 23. 1 320 596 views.

5) ' Megan Fox Exploited: We've Got You Covered' -- Current's magazine digest includes Jennifer Simpson's heartbreak, Megan Fox's 'exploitation' by the media, and New York magazine's daring 'Hate' cover featuring president Obama. For more media digests, visit 1 092 713 views.

6) ' World's Loudest Alarm Clock!' -- Trouble waking up in the morning? Try an electric horn -- or make that two. 1 059 242 views.

7) ' Parking Exit Fail' -- How not to pull out of a parking lot. 1 045 224 views.

8) ' Arrest at G20 Demonstrations, September 24, 2009' -- The G20 summit again prompted protests, with some scenes turning violent, as seen here in Pittsburgh. 918 159 views.

9) ' New SNL Cast Member Jenny Slate Swears On Live TV In HD 9-26-09' -- A swear word on Saturday Night Live is enought to catapult the comedy show into the YouTube top ten. 881 581 views.

10) ' Britney Spears "3" Has Swine Flu Monkey Aids?!' -- New vlogger favorite Philly D on Spears' new song 3 and the world's best and worst lovers. 836 335 views.