YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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YouTubers are fretting about Denver Nuggets NBA player JR Smith's costly mistake (and one of the oddest events ever in US professional basketball according to commenters) of inbounding an air ball by Sacramento Kings player Tyreke Evans.


Meanwhile, Mariah Carey seemed out of sorts when she accepted an award at the Palm Springs Film Festival, with the video of her drunken speech generating almost two million views. Plus: Shane Dawson and RayWilliam Johnson compete in a vlogger face-off for views this week, with Dawson relying on increased merchandizing and interactivity to attract more fans - but where's Fred?

1) Reke's Phantom Shot - NBA rookie Tyreke Evans's missed three-pointer fools JR Smith who inbounds the ball - a costly mistake: the Denver Nuggets lost to the Sacramento Kings 100-102. 4 042 217 views.

2) I Gotta Feeling Parody - College Humor spoofs the party anthem by the Black Eyed Peas, describing the morning after. 3 303 094 views.

3) JUSTIN BIEBER IS DEAD?!? - Shane Dawson is encouraging readers to submit their comments, photos, videos, and even calls to be part of his next videos. 1 960 195 views.

4) Psycho Asian Girlfriend - There's a new vlogger star in town: RayWilliam Johnson. 1 907 139 views.

5) Mariah Carey crazy acceptance speech - The singer gives an overtly drunk acceptance speech during the Palm Springs Film Festival. 1 822 743 views.

6) EMO TIME WITH SHANE DAWSON! - Dawson cleverly packages his t-shirt launch into a new vlog post. 1 707 962 views.

7) AVATAR GAVE ME BLUE BALLS! - James Cameron's new hit 3D movie has been serving as inspiration for YouTube parodies (and beauty tutorials) since its launch. 1 663 480 views.

8) Death Metal Baby!! - More from RayWilliam Johnson. 1 607 923 views.

9) I'M IN BIG TROUBLE! (1/6/10-308) - YouTube's new favorite family. 1 486 505 views.

10) Bystander Win - In a shining example of civil courage, this man stops two thieves on a scooter by attacking them with his bike. 1 459 276 views.