YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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If Simon Cowell says that he has "a horrible feeling this could become a hit," it usually means America has a new Idol: General Larry Platt's performance of "Pants on the Ground" on American Idol dominates the top ten this week. Coverage from Haiti made the fifth spot.

1) Pants On The Ground American Idol - The infamous casting show has a new hero: 62-year-old General Larry Platt was a bit too old for the program's age limit of 28, but that doesn't mean "Pants on the Ground" can't turn into a hit. 3 310 861 views.

2) I broke my Nexus One! - Nigahiga spoofs the Google phone. 2 213 097 views.

3) Pants on the Ground - With Lyrics - Sing along to "Pants on the Ground." 1 871 186 views.

4) BLOW-UP DOLL FOR DINNER? - Shane Dawson presents his classy girlfriend Shanaynay to his family. 1 841 595 views.

5) Haiti Earth Quake Video - Les Cayes, Haiti 1 -12-10 - A video showing the degree of devastation, posted on January 12. 1 796 289 views.

6) Sneak peek of BABY...get the studio version featuring LUDACRIS on ITUNES - A preview of Justin Bieber's new single. 1 717 525 views.

7) American Idol - Larry Platt - Pants On The Ground - More from the general. 1 554 616 views.

8) Tekken Movie Trailer (2010) - The Asian martial arts video game series Tekken has been turned into a movie, due to be released this spring. 1 470 186 views.

9) Fitness - Hot Celebrity Butts Workout - YouTube fitness guru Zuzana shows you how to shape up and promote fat loss in this week's workout. 1 408 182 views.

10) Sexy Swingers - Ray William Johnson has again selected the best and most disturbing videos on the web for his growing number of fans. 1 371 075 views.