YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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OK Go's creative music video for This Too Shall Pass tops the charts this week, while many users were shocked by the killer whale attack at SeaWorld in Florida. A fried chicken head and Aaron Ramsey's injury also made the top ten, and Ray William Johnson is still the most popular vlogger.

1) OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - RGM version - It is not often that art surpasses everything else in the YouTube charts, but this Fischli & Weiss-inspired installation for US band OK Go's latest music video is wowing the masses. 3,467,738 views.

2) McDonald's Fail - A fried chicken head was discovered in an order of McDonald's chicken wings, causing this video's popularity on the Fail Blog. 3,318,744 views.

3) Killer Whale Kills SeaWorld Trainer - US network CBS reports: there was no foul play concerning a fatal incident at SeaWorld, where a trainer there drowned after falling into a tank with a killer whale. 2,447,343 views.

4) Deadly Attack at Sea World - The initial report by CBS, which reveals that the killer whale was involved in previous attacks. 2,218,292 views.

5) Man-Bitch - Why did a man break through this supermarket's ceiling? Some questions can't be answered, even by vlogger Ray William Johnson. 2,072,294 views.

6) Annoying Orange gets Autotuned - Recurring character Annoying Orange annoys a different kind of Apple. 1,907,794 views.

7) Old People Rock!! - This couple, married for over 60 years, still manages to excite their audience, and each other. 1,625,859 views.

8) GIRLS GONE WILD ON DEGRASSI (A LITTLE SNEAK PEEK) - Vlogger Shane Dawson announces the second part of his spoof of the high school series, featuring Paige from the real Degrassi show. 1,519,987 views.

9) Stop Watching THIS!!!! - It's the week of vlogger announcements: Philip de Franco also fills in his viewers on new features and new airing times. 1,349,409 views.

10) Aaron Ramsey Injury-Horrific - The Arsenal footballer fractured his leg during a game against the Gunners in London. 1,169,685 views.