YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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The new iPhone, leaked on Gizmodo, a thieving octopus, and the ups and downs of soccer entertained YouTube viewers this week.

1) Gizmodo: This Is Apple's Next iPhone - Apple has said it wants its prototype phone back after technology blog Gizmodo purchased the next-generation iPhone from an unnamed person and presented it to the public in this video. 2,999,301 views.

2) 16.4.2010 Inter - Juve 2 a 0 Perla di Maicon - Inter Milan defender Maicon scores a remarkable goal against Juventus. 2,802,782 views.

3) Psycho Dog Man - Vlogger Ray William Johnson has dug up baby kangaroos, elaborate female slam dunk strategies and yes, the Psycho Dog Man. 2,269,753 views.

4) octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording) - A cheeky octopus gets hold of an underwater camera and "dashes of like a thief." 1,821,617 views.

5) Goal celebration fail - Unfortunately, unlike Maicon, this poor fellow celebrated in the wrong stand. 1,791,503 views.

6) EVIL LAMBCHOP TRIED TO KILL ME!!!! - Introducing his new star character, Lambchop, vlogger Shane Dawson moves on to a parody of MTV's dating show Next. 1,712,055 views.

7) Fitness - Sexy Psychos Workout - For those serious about getting into shape, Zuzana (creator of Body Rock TV) has posted a stop-watch workout. 1,693,692 views.

8) Off The Pill - Bieber Fever - Vlogger Nigahiga is back, ranting about teen star Justin Bieber's omnipresence in the US media. 1,637,484 views.

9) A Dog Tests the iPad - - A Corgi goes from curiosity to exploration and finally, anger while playing with the iPad. 1,461,357 views.

10) Hobson challenged to slam dunk contest - Maybe the girls from Ray William Johnson's video should have watched these guys first. 1,417,540 views.

Ranking collected on YouTube Friday, April 23.