YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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Astonishing stories from all over the world make this week's YouTube top ten, including a Turkish cat practicing first aid and an avid motorbike rider whose last wish was to be posed onto the bike for his wake.

1) Bango Performing an Insane Playoff Stunt - Milwaukee Bucks mascot, Bango jumps off a ladder to dunk during the NBA playoffs. 3,390,738 views.

2) Big Booty Bitches!! - New king of the vlogosphere, Ray William Johnson gives his two cents on violent drive-thrus, gangster rappers that look like choir boys, and the best cry ever. 3,252,019 views.

3) Eenie Meenie - Justin Bieber continues his march of victory, teaming up with Sean Kingston. 2,263,071 views. The music video from Vevo can't be watched in many countries due to copyright issues. For another link to the clip, click below.

4) Devil Bird - More Ray William Johnson, bringing you devil birds and artistic hamsters. 2,216,617 views.

5) Cibona - Partizan 74 - 75: Final 4 (finale) NLB League 2009/2010 - The Adriatic Basketball Association is drawing almost as many views as the NBA this week: with just 0.6 seconds remaining, Kecman scores a 3-pointer from his side of the court for his team Partizan's 4th consecutive title in the NLB League. 2,069,115 views.

6) Cat gives a cardiac massage to his injured girlfriend - A stray cat in Turkey was filmed trying to reanimate a feline friend that had got hit by a car. 2,009,822 views.

7) River Monsters: 80 lb. Piranha - The Demon Fish, Africa's equivalent of the piranha, continues to fascinate YouTube viewers. 1,821,704 views.

8) Annoying Orange Wazzup 2: Wasssabi - Orange and the gang meet Wasabi. (Spoof of the old Budweiser commercials.) 1,719,028 views.

9) el muerto en motora - A funeral home in Puerto Rico made headlines for posing a man's dead body onto a motorbike for his wake. 1,426,412 views.

10) Train FAIL - Two workers in Romania push a broken-down train along the rails as everyone else looks on. 1,418,047 views.