YouTube's most watched videos of the week: Lady Gaga, soccer and kittens

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A semi-professional soccer player out of England might not be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame largely provided by a video of a poorly placed shot. Lady Gaga however, the Fame Monster herself, may be more favorable to the five videos of or about her on Youtube, even if two of them are parodies of her "Bad Romance" video. Other features on the list include a tickled kitten, a drag queen fight and a hobbled pop star.

1. 'Rocky Baptiste - The Miss of the Century' - Striker for the Harrow Borough Football Club Rocky Baptiste shows some fancy footwork to get past the defense, but not as much in his attempted goal. 3,118,345 views.

2. 'Surprised Ktty Cat cutest ever :))' - Thanks to its appearance on the Philip DeFranco Youtube show, this video of a kitten being tickled has rocketed to the top of the Youtube Most Watched list. 2,269,112 views.

3. 'BAD (BRO)MANCE! LADY GAGA SPOOF'- Shane Dawson doesn't want to be friends in a video almost as strange as the original version. 1,918,445 views.

4. 'Fake and Gay!!' - Ray William Johnson's latest installment on his vlog deals with important issues such as drag queen beauty pagent fights, the best death scene ever filmed and a half-hearted attempt by Microsoft to launch a viral video campaign. 1,716,267 views.

5. 'So how did I fracture my Foot with Taylor Swift??' - Teen pop star Justin Bieber tells Taylor Swift about his new "most embarassing moment." 1,707,796 views.

6. 'RAD BROMANCE - Lady Gaga parody of BAD ROMANCE' - Popular Youtube channel TheStation's music video on a totally rad relationship between two bros. 1,657,214 views.

7. 'Sleepover Awkwardness' - Australian vlogger Natalie hates waking up before her friends and talking in the dark before bedtime. 1,574,632 views.

8. 'Lady Gaga - Teeth (Monster Ball LIVE Montreal 2009) HD' - Lady Gaga's first live performance of her new song "Teeth." 1,485,026 views.

9. 'Lady Gaga interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show' - Ellen asks Lady Gaga about her fashion choices, "being a freak" and her favorite Christmas gift. 1,471,995 views.

10. 'Lady Gaga Speechless Ellen HD Bad Romance Justin Bieber Taylor Swift YouBelong With Me' - Lady Gaga performs her song "Speechless" on the Ellen DeGeneres show after mentioning it in her interview with Ellen. 1,374,414 views.