YouTube's most watched videos of the week: 'Modern Warfare 2' gameplay, vloggers and 'Robsten'

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This week's list is heavy on videos from vloggers whose shows occupy half the spots for the week of November 20. The list is also populated by game footage from Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, arctic adventures and some uncooperative talk show guests.

1. "MW2-AMAZING Knife Throw- Modern Warfare 2 (ORIGINAL)" - The video game that took the world by storm has spawned countless videos of multiplayer gameplay on the internet, including this video of a one-in-a-million shot. 2,429,505 views.

2. "Kim Kardashian + Popsicles = End of Productiviiiiwhat was I talking about?" - Popular vlogger Philip DeFranco makes it back up to the top three with an internet news lineup including someone winning the million dollar McDonald's Monopoly game, a hacker changing Britney Spears's Twitter account and a photo of Kim Kardashian enjoying a frozen treat. 2,083,645 views.

3. "CHICKS OF REALITY TV!!!!" - Shane Dawson uses his vlog to suggest some new reality TV series. 1,948,116 views.

4. "Sex with anyone??"- Ray William Johnson comments on videos of a dog greeting his owner who's back from Iraq and an extremely angry woman on the New York subway. 1,928,470 views.

5. "Carrie Prejean Threatens to Leave Larry King Live due to Larry Being "Inappropriate" - The former Miss California goes on Larry King but refuses to speak to her motivations for settling her lawsuit with the Miss America pageant and then unhooks her microphone and says she's leaving the show. 1,675,897 views.5.

6. "Rob Pattinson's Publicist Shuts down ‘Robsten' Question" - Rob Pattinson answers Ryan Seacrest's questions until they veer towards his relationship with his New Moon co-star Kristen Stewart. 1,168,247 views.

7. "no, YOU'RE SO PRETTY" - A Sydney vlogger unloads on people who give compliments so they can get them in return. 1,117,756 views.

8. "Sportsmanship Fail" - The Fail Blog's featured clips of New Mexico women's soccer defender Elizabeth Lambert's fouls against BYU players. 1, 098,129 views.

9. "Amazing Motorcycle Flip!" - Ray William Johnson is on the list again with a show featuring videos of a motorcycle flip gone bad, an oddly flying flock of birds and a woman nearly hit by a subway. 1,091,262 views.

10. "Face-Off With a Deadly Predator" - A National Geographic photographer gets more than a few pictures from a leopard seal. 1,007,433 views.