YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: pre-summer workout, Photoshop tutorial

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An ode to Chatroulette improv 'guru' Merton still dominates the top ten videos on YouTube, closely followed by the vlogger olymp. The FailBlog gives credit where credit is due, viewers are shaping up for spring with Zuzana's work-out videos, and there's a new Photoshop tutorial directly from the source.

1) Chatroulette Piano Ode to Merton.m4v - Chatroulette's new hero holds his ground with this ode to his improv piano playing, taped before a live audience at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 20. 2,764,981

2) ZOMG KITTEH!! - Ray William Johnson's weekly update of the vlogosphere. 2,584,258 views.

3) Fitness - Tight Summer Booty Workout - You can feel that next beach holiday approaching: Zuzana's work-outs are moving up in the ranking. 2,161,894 views.

4) Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek - "One of the biggest requests we get of Photoshop is to make adding, removing, moving or repairing items faster and more seamless," states AdobePhotoshop's YouTube account. From retouching to completely reimagining an image, here's an early glimpse of what could happen in the future when you press the delete key. 2,094,749 views.

5) Attention FAIL - What happens if your talk show guests aren't aware they're on television. 1,670,448 views.

6) Chic Makeup For Glasses - Beauty vlogger Michelle Phan proves that eyes can look just as seductive behind frames. 1,488,316 views.

7)   TWILIGHT NEW MOON DELETED UNSEEN FOOTAGE SCENE - New movie scenes surfacing on YouTube has the community debating whether the material is authentic or not. 1,264,343 views.

8) Presumptuous much?? - The CommunityChannel aka Nathalie is back and again musing about daily life's little embarrassments. 1,202,056 views.

9)  Claw Game WIN - Claw machines are such a challenge, except if you're small enough. 1,191,147 views.

10) Amazing Goalkeeper Goal - Darío Capogrosso, goalkeeper for Argentine second-division club CAI, scores from 70 meters out. 1,161,976 views.

Most watched videos on YouTube recorded on April 2.