YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: the greatest movie insults of all time

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Here are the world's ten most popular clips on YouTube from the week ending July 9.

1) The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time - From Star Wars to the Breakfast Club: these quotes will prepare you for the toughest of times. 2,956,298 views.

2) Old Spice | Questions - Isaiah Mustafa's new spot for the men's fragrance promises to be as successful as the first one that bagged him a comedy contract with NBC. 2,857,059 views.

3) Worst. Episode. Evar. - Ray William Johnson shows you why Japanese commercials can be even more misleading than what you see in the US. Plus: Epic Why Guy makes a scene. 2,444,991 views.

4) SCHOOL DANCE DISASTER!!!!!! - Is this just a Shane Dawson video or an iPhone 4 commercial? You decide. 2,343,533 views.

5) Goal Celebration FAIL - A soccer team celebrates a goal, only to have their celebration cut into actually playing the game. 2,068,072 views.

6) Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) - Trailer Official HD - Paramount Pictures has unleashed the first Paranormal Activity 2 movie trailer. 1,973,545 views.

7) Annoying Orange: Orange of July - Orange celebrates the 4th of July by annoying a watermelon. 1,785,486 views.

8) Celebración de Camacho gol de Villa a Paraguay 2010.flv - Spanish commentator Camacho reacts to David Villa's goal against Paraguay.

9) Ferrari Powerskid FAIL - More from the FailBlog: a Ferrari driver attempts a powerskid and ends up just a little bit off the track. 1,549,414 views.

10) YouTube Presents: An Interview with Shakira - The video platform staged an interview with the World Cup star completely powered by YouTube viewers. 1,396,076 views.