YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: Twilight fans won't approve of this

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A vampire 'hater movie' is set to debut in US theaters. Plus: a new Old Spice ad and Nelly Furtado's new music video.

1) EMINEM FT. RIHANNA - LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE (SONG + LYRICS)  - Even though YouTube keeps trying to stop this video from surfacing, it can't compete with countless fans who keep posting this new collaboration. 2,935,660 views.

2) Nelly Furtado - Bajo Otra Luz ft. La Mala Rodriguez - The singer's creative yet relatively innocent video prompts viewers to post compliments such as: "This is proof that you don't have to show your nude ass in the video to have a very popular song." 2,828,297 views.

3) STRUT THAT ASS! - Vlogger Ray William Johnson has found the next star of the viral videosphere. 2,818,080 views.

4) DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! - Last week's double rainbow fan sighting has inspired a whole new song. 2,608,394 views.

5) Bowling FAIL - An embarrassing bowling FAIL turns into a WIN. 2,459,591 views.

6) ROCK THE PARTY!! - Vlogger Ray William Johnson strikes again, this time thanks to an overweight marmot and a real-life action movie. 2,260,094 views.

7) 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN?! - Teen Choice Award-nominated YouTube personality Shane Dawson addresses his childhood fears. 2,027,748 views.

8) Official Vampires Suck Trailer - It was just a matter of time: here comes the Twilight backlash in the form of a spoof on vampire films. 1,868,357 views.

9) Final bet: Oracle Paul the Octopus picks Spain over Netherlands to win World Cup - The now world-famous octopus oracled correctly again. Paul previously predicted Germany's wins over Argentina, England, Australia and Ghana and the country's defeat against Spain and Serbia. 1,704,079 views.

10) Old Spice | Boat - ...and the reign of the man your man could smell like continues.

Data collected on on Friday, July 16, 2010.