Medicine woman down with fever

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Jane Seymour, the star of the television show Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, is undergoing urgent medical treatment herself after succumbing to a nasty bout of dengue fever.

The actress was bitten by a mosquito while she was staying on a Caribbean island and is so ill that the filming of her latest movie, The New Swiss Family Robinson - a remake of the Disney classic - has had to be delayed.

Seymour, who stars opposite her real-life husband, James Keach, in the film which is being shot in Puerto Rico, has had to scrap plans for a holiday in her native England once filming is over.

In the film the Robinsons set sail from Hong Kong to Australia, but the evil character played by David Caradine is on their trail and the journey becomes an adventure.

Once known as the self-styled Queen of Romance, the film is a new type of role for Seymour, a former Bond girl who plays a tough frontiers woman in the Dr Quinn series.

Talking about her new project, she said: "It's the sort of dream a modern- age businessman might imagine - sailing off around the world with his family."