Middle east: Prison league

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Israel holds 3,648 Palestinian prisoners, according to Israeli figures. Since signing the framework peace accord with the PLO in September 1993, it has freed 7,544 Palestinians.

This is a breakdown of prisoners released by Israel as confidence-building measures or in fulfilment of peace deals.

- 700 freed by January 1994 as a confidence building measure after the framework peace deal and ahead of further talks.

- 4,900 by mid-June 1994 in fulfilment of a provision in the May 4, 1994, agreement setting up self-rule in most of the Gaza Strip and Jericho.

- 1,000 in October 1995, fulfilling the first stage release called for in the September 1995 West Bank deal.

- 913 ahead of Palestinian elections in January 1996 which, according to Israel, fulfilled the second stage release called for in the West Bank deal.

- 30 women prisoners in February 1996 in partial fulfilment of the Hebron deal.