Model's boyfriend jailed for her murder

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THE JEALOUS lover of Kadamba Simmons, a model and actress, was yesterday jailed for life for her murder.

Yaniv Malka, 22, a former Israeli soldier, had strung up Ms Simmons' naked body in a shower and then made half-hearted attempts on his own life to make it look as though she had died in a suicide pact.

But a jury at the Old Bailey rejected his claims and found that Malka had strangled Ms Simmons, 24, before placing her neck in a noose.

Judge Elgan Edwards told Malka: "Kadamba Simmons had her whole life ahead of her. It was a life of great promise. You deprived her of that life. You caused suffering to her and great suffering to her family and friends."

Outside the court, Ms Simmons' father, John Simmons, 50, said: "For Kadamba's mother, her sister and I, the essence and truth of our beloved daughter remains untouched. The love she gave and the love she generated will never die."

Detective Sergeant Richard Briers said: "This was an act born out of jealousy. Yaniv Malka was a very jealous man. He made the decision that if he could not have Kadamba, no one else would. It is a very sad, tragic case, but justice has been done."

Malka showed no emotion as he was sentenced for the murder last June at a friend's flat in Islington, north London. He had pleaded not guilty.

The naked body of Ms Simmons, a former girlfriend ofLiam Gallagher of Oasis, was found hanging in the shower the day after Malka was seen apparently trying to commit suicide on the roof of a building in central London, David Water, for the prosecution, told the court. Malka told police: "I have killed my angel." He had left an elaborate trail of blood, knives, pills and bleach to make it seem as if he had tried to kill himself.

Malka said the couple had decided to die after returning to Europe from Goa in India, where they met, because they thought they could not stay together.

But Mr Water said the real reason behind her death was that she had decided to end their relationship.