Monica's X-rated memory fails her

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MONICA LEWINSKY returned to America's television screens at the weekend to reclaim her role in the White House scandal that will forever bear her name. But this was a different Monica from the exuberantwoman who was filmed embracing President Bill Clinton.

Demurely dressed, in dark jacket and pearls, she quibbled over definitions and steadfastly refused to incriminate the President, failing to "recall"or feeling "uncomfortable" about crucial details that might complete the accounts that her otherwise impeccable and at times X-rated memory had placed on the record.

While few minds were changed by Ms Lewinsky's testimony, it did cause one influential Democrat to waver.

Senator Robert Byrd, 81, said yesterday: "It will be very difficult to say "not guilty".

The Senator's new misgivings appeared not to be shared by his fellow Democrats, who looked certain to vote en bloc to have the charges dismissed at the end of the week.