More trouble for Clinton

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President Bill Clinton is to come under further legal scrutiny for suspected corruption and abuse of power, writes John Carlin in Washington.

The US Department of Justice has launched a probe into allegations that the President broke the law last year during a fund-raising drive for the Democratic Party, the White House admitted last night.

Republican members of Congress heading an official inquiry into campaign finance irregularities believe there is evidence to suggest that Mr Clinton made fund-raising phone calls from the White House.

US law stipulates that politicians may not raise party funds from inside federal government buildings.

As with the continuing Whitewater investigation, Mr Clinton could end up facing indictment, and possible impeachment.

The new Justice Department initiative is purely preliminary.

Under orders from the Attorney General, Janet Reno, officials have begun a 30-day review of the fund-raising activities of the President who appointed her.

The White House said the President had nothing to hide. "We are confident that no laws were broken," a statement said.