Mormon shoot-out leaves three dead

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A GUNMAN walked into the Mormon genealogical library in Salt Lake City, Utah, yesterday, killing two people and injuring four others before being fatally wounded himself in a shoot-out with police.

The man, described as a convicted felon in his late fifties, opened fire in the lobby of the Family History Library killing a security guard and a female visitor. Police then swooped on the building, felling the man in a brief exchange of fire and evacuating a large area in case he was wired up with explosives. He died on the way to hospital. Eyewitnesses said the gunman had parked a yellow removal truck nearby and then asked for directions.

"He came in the lobby and shot a lady in the head and two or three other men," said one witness, Lyman Platt.

Police said they had identified the suspect but did not release his name.