Mother killed in livestock protest

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A woman protester against the live animal export trade was crushed to death by a truck outside Coventry airport last night. Jill Phipps, 31, from Coventry, the mother of a nine-year-old boy, was apparently part of a group who had broken away from the main body of protesters when a lorry carrying calves arrived at the airport.

A regular member of the protesters, she had been at the airport last night with her mother and uncle. Police could not confirm that her son was there.

As the truck slowed, one protester apparently climbed on to its side and Ms Phipps tried to grab the front of the cab. Gill Gates, 43, a friend, said: "I turned around for a second and she was on the ground. I don't know if she slipped, fell or was knocked over by the truck. Police yelled for the driver to stop and he did but with the wheels right on her body."

Ms Phipps was taken to hospital but was dead on arrival.

Phoenix Aviation, which runs the livestock flights, last night announced the suspension of its operations at the airport.

Warwickshire police also announced that an inquiry would be launched into the incident by the West Midlands Police under the supervision of the Police Complaints Authority.