Motoring: Driving test nailbiting time reduced

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From Monday, driving theory test candidates will be able to choose to have their result on the day they sit the test rather than wait the normal seven-10 days for the results to arrive by post, says the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

Normal theory test question papers will be used for these theory tests. But rather than being sent away to a centralised computer marking process, the same-day results test papers will be marked locally. Candidates will be able to wait at the test centre for their results, which could be available within an hour of completing the test.

This special service will be available from 22 of Britain's theory test centres, spread across the country to be accessible to as many of the population as possible. If there is high demand for the scheme, DSA will consider extending it to other test centres.

The test fee will be pounds 25, rather than the usual pounds 15, to recover the higher costs of providing the extra staff and equipment needed for marking at individual test centres.