Motoring: Tailgating drivers top `hate-list'

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Drivers getting too close to the car in front are most likely to make motorists angry, according to a survey released yesterday. They also strongly objected to seeing other drivers using mobile phones while they are driving.

The survey, from breakdown company Autonational Rescue, based on a sample of 1,000 people, showed that 66 per cent of motorists dislike "tailgating" - when the motorist behind drives too close - and a further 57 per cent were angered by drivers who used mobile phones while on the move. Other pet hates included: motorists who drove with their fog lights on when they were not needed (39 per cent); loud music being played with windows wide upon (38 per cent); and motorists who always drove in the middle lane of a motorway (36 per cent).

"What is encouraging is that two of the most dangerous driving techniques - tailgating and mobile phone use - are at the very head of our survey," said Autonational Rescue marketing manager Ronan Hart. "Certainly, many accidents would be avoided on Britain's busy roads if motorists stopped taking unnecessary risks."