Mowlam talks with Paisley

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Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam had talks with DUP leader Ian Paisley last night as part of her efforts to maintain the momentum of the Stormont peace process.

Before attending the opening of a US-Northern Ireland trade conference in Londonderry, Ms Mowlam told reporters that the meeting had been "productive".

"We have made it clear all along that we want inclusive talks and what I do want to do is to make it as possible as we can for Mr Paisley and his party to join the talks because that I think would make them stronger," she said.

"His voice would be heard so much more inside the talks than outside. I want to make it clear that we want to talk, but we cannot have parallel talks because there is a talks process at work."

Ms Mowlam said she would announce details of the work of the Ulster Parades Commission on Friday.

"It is a complicated, difficult issue because we have to face