MP meets prostitute stepdaughter

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MARTIN BELL, the former war reporter turned independent MP, was yesterday reunited with his stepdaughter, a former prostitute and porn star whom he has not seen for nine years.

Jessica Sobel, 29, who was flown to London by a national newspaper, met up with her stepfather in a hotel and the pair talked and posed for photographs. But although Mr Bell was happy to see her again, he expressed disquiet that the meeting had been arranged by the Mirror.

He knew nothing of his stepdaughter's life until she was tracked down by reporters in the US, and he only discovered that she had worked as a prostitute after her book was published four months ago.

He wrote to her then saying he hoped they could meet up and yesterday they were reunited. Mr Bell said: "It was a very friendly meeting and we spent about two hours together. I hope to see her again but I have to go to my constituency and she is only staying for two or three days. But she knows where to contact me now. I think she is quite happy to stay in London sightseeing."

He said that pictures of the meeting were taken by the Mirror during their meeting. "It was a deal with the Mirror and I was not a party to that. As a former journalist it is not something I am particularly happy about but it was all arranged. Jessica was flown over by the Mirror and they were with her all the time and they are looking after her during her stay."

But despite his discomfort about the meeting, Mr Bell said he would stay in touch with his stepdaughter. "She needs all the support she can get at the moment. Her war zones were much more terrible than mine."

The MP for Tatton was working in Washington and married to his first wife Helene Gordoun when he meet Miss Sobel's mother, Rebecca, in 1976. They were lovers for eight years and then married for four. But they separated in 1988 and divorced three years later.

After graduating from university, Miss Sobel went to Hollywood and "did just about every despicable thing there is". After a bit part in Baywatch she turned to porn movies and later became a nude masseuse and pounds 500-a- night prostitute.

Two years ago, she decided to get her life back on track and wrote a book about her experiences. When it was published, he immediately sent a letter asking her to get in touch.