MPs seek more curbs on phones

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AN ALL-PARTY committee of MPs called for further research into the safety of mobile phones yesterday amid fears that emission levels may still be still high.

The Commons Science and Technology Committee said in a report that although there was no evidence to prove microwave radiation from the phones was harmful to humans, tighter guidelines should be imposed on mobile phone manufacturers as "a precautionary measure".

And the committee called for the recommended emission limit from mobile phones to be cut to a fifth of its present level, to bring the UK into line with the rest of the EU.

While most mobile phone manufacturers already comply with the EU lower limits the MPs said adoption by the National Radiological Protection Board in the UK of the lower level would help reassure the public.

According to the report, some studies have linked radiation from mobiles with cancer and others have found evidence of the phones causing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, sleep problems and memory loss.

The MPs said the Department of Health's pounds 60,000 research programme "falls seriously short of adequacy and is insufficient to underpin its policy decisions".

The Federation of the Electronics Industry supported the committee's recommendations.