Mrs Merton star pledges never to marry again

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Caroline Aherne, aka Mrs Merton, says she will never marry again and believes the best relationships last only four years.

Ms Aherne, 33, is still recovering from the death of her boyfriend Matt Bowers, from stomach cancer in April.

Her marriage to the former New Order musician Peter Hook lasted less than two years. Last year he and Bowers had a much-publicised fist fight in a restaurant in Manchester.

Ms Aherne told BBC Radio 5 Live today: "I wouldn't get married again. I know there are lots of happily married people but I think there are lots of unhappily married people. I don't know whether marriage is the be all and end all of things. And I think people really - I read this somewhere - should really only be in a relationship for three or four years.

"I think marriage is great and it's brilliant to have kids and bring them up and be married but I think there's probably a lot more unhappily married people than happily married."

The chat show host, who was recently pictured kissing and fondling singer Katrina, of the group Katrina and the Waves, at a party, denied she was an alcoholic.

She said: "I like to celebrate with a drink as much as the next man but I'm not an alcoholic. If I was I'd say yes I was and get help."It is a terrible thing, I feel very sorry for people who are because it is such a hard thing to get over. But I'm not."