Muslim extremists in Britain planning to attack "soft military targets"

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Muslim extremists in Britain are planning to attack "soft military targets" in acts of revenge for the air strikes on Iraq, writes Julian Kossoff.

Warnings by militants of a backlash should be taken seriously, said security experts. A campaign of arson could easily target army recruiting offices and Territorial Army centres, one said.

Omar Bakri Mohammed, who runs the fundamentalist Al Muhajiroun organisation, said that Muslims in Britain would retaliate "physically, verbally, militarily and financially" for the bombing of Iraq and predicted attacks on military and Government installations.

In Bradford, the Council of Mosques condemned the military action against Iraq. Its president, Liaqat Hussain, said: "In our opinion, there is no justification for the latest American military attack on Iraq, in which only the innocent Iraqi people will be the victims."