Muslim police chief: Jihadi threat means police must 'move into private space of UK Muslims'

Some UK Muslims are so indoctrinated by extremist propaganda their children believe Christmas is 'haram'

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A leading Muslim police chief has said the jihadi threat means there is a need to “move into the private space” of UK Muslims.

Scotland Yard commander Mak Chishty, who is Britain’s most senior Muslim policeman, said that the police needed more powers to monitor Muslims in order to spot the development of extremist views.

In an interview with the Guardian he said: “We need to now be less precious about the private space. This is not about us invading private thoughts, but acknowledging that it is in these private spaces where this [extremism] first germinates.

“The purpose of private-space intervention is to engage, explore, explain, educate or eradicate. Hate and extremism is not acceptable in our society, and if people cannot be educated, then hate and harmful extremism must be eradicated through all lawful means.”

He said the rhetoric of extremist groups like Isis was so potent some Muslim children as young as five had started to believe Christmas was “haram” or forbidden.