'My wife has a good job'

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TERRY PLATT works in London for Pinkerton, a security company that will be affected by the working time directive. He says he will struggle financially if he is able to work only 48 hours a week. Mr Platt, 28, from Stepney Green, said: "I actually work 60-hour weeks although I'm only contracted to do 48. The extra time is to boost my money. If I can't do more hours I will be in trouble because the basic money is terrible. I earn between pounds 13,000 and pounds 14,000 a year, which works out at about pounds 5 per hour. Luckily my wife has got a good job."

He added: "I have heard about it [the directive] but I haven't read the letter I've been sent about it. Many security workers need to work more than 48 hours, otherwise they will be struggling.

"I'm not sure exactly how it will affect this company but I will make it clear that I need to do more than just the 48 hours on my contract."