Myleene Klass: Here's what £2 million can buy you in London

Singer made the remarks during an panel show with Ed Miliband - but what can you pick up for a couple of million in London?

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Myleene Klass recently criticised Labour leader Ed Miliband over proposals to tax properties over £2 million in a ‘Mansion tax’.

The singer and cello-playing performer said the tax would greatly affect mostly old people in London, where – she claimed – it was difficult to buy anything more than a garage for less than a couple of million.

Although it’s true London does contain some of the most expensive houses in the country, it’s also true that you can pick up more than you might expect if you’ve got a couple of million knocking about your bank account.

This detached Victorian house in London has six bedrooms, a garden and a cellar. Located just off Clapham Common, although it might not be central London it’s hardly out in the sticks.


It’s on the market for £2 million.

This six bedroom home is available for you (for the bargain price of £2 million) in Maida Vale – healthily inside London’s zone two.


It might need a bit of work though – it is presently split into three flats, so if it is a family home you’re looking for it might be better to look elsewhere.

Alternatively, there this little two-bedroom flat off south Kensington:


An unusual home for a couple of million is this house boat, currently moored just off Wandsworth Park on the Thames.

The exterior of the houseboat

The houseboat has three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and from the pictures we've seen also comes decorated with a handy few zebra rugs.

The reception room of the houseboat

Yours for around £2 million - and because it's a boat it's actually exempt from mansion tax.

If you're observantly noticing a pattern, that’s because there is one. Although houses in the capital are expensive, homes in the Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge boroughs tend to give them all a bad name.

The average property in Kensington and Chelsea sells for around £1.9million, compared to the rest of the UK, where an average home will cost around £272,000, according to the Office of National Statistics.

And finally, the most expensive garage sold in London recently went for half a million. So not £2 million, but still well above what it looks like it should be worth: