Mystery of the Yuletide cards from nowhere

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Catherine Wild, a widow, has been receiving Christmas cards from the same family for the past 17 years. This year the usual card dropped through her letter box from "Pat and Roger and family" with an extra card they want passed on to Auntie Muriel.

Mrs Wild, aged 67, has not the faintest idea who is sending the cards. "You would have thought at some time one of them might have got in touch to ask `did you get my card?' ... They feel like old friends. I'd love to know if the person who should be receiving the cards is still alive or has emigrated.

"And it would be nice to meet the people sending the cards so I could shake their hand and give them a Christmas card with my best wishes."

Mrs Wild, the former owner of an engineering firm, started receiving the cards in 1979 after she bought her home in Worcester from a woman called Dawn. She spent years quizzing neighbours in a bid to solve the puzzle but has now given up and puts the card in a place of honour every Christmas. Her only clues are that the cards have a Gloucester postmark and are addressed to Mrs R Hales, and they contain a message sending best wishes to "Ann and Roger and family".

This year's card shows a church covered in snow. Auntie Muriel's card shows a teddy bear playing a violin and is addressed to "Mrs M Larkin c/o Mrs R Hales". The greeting inside says: "To Auntie Muriel with best wishes".

"If only I knew who she was," said Mrs Wild.