Manhattan man makes off with $1.6m of gold flakes in a bucket

Street footage shows thief bide his time before stealing from the unattended truck in New York City

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CCTV footage shows the moment a man snatched a bucket of gold worth nearly $1.6 million from an unattended lorry in broad daylight.

The theft occurred in Manhattan, New York on 29 September, as the middle-aged man made off with a bucket containing 86 pounds of gold flakes.

One of the simplest heists imaginable, the thief can be seen assessing the situation befopre swiping the bucket of gold as two guards were in a nearby building for a pickup, according to police.

The truck was parked on West 48th Street and is operated by Loomis International, a company that transports valuables.

Police state the suspect most likely did not know what was in the five-gallon bucket, with footage showing him walking away swiftly and putting the bucket down a little way up the street, taking a brief break from carrying it.

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86 pounds is equivalent to just under 40 kilograms of the precious metal.

The thief reportedly took an hour to travel what is usually a ten-minute walk away from the crime scene.

The suspect, who is now said to be hiding in Florida, is estimated to be about five foot six inches tall, weighing around 150 pounds and in his 50s.