News blooper as Arizona sports reporter Paul Cicala tries to run and falls flat on his face

The reporter sprinted towards the arena. Eating pavement in the process

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Seriously, who would be a television reporter?

The indignities are many.

Even if you manage to make it beyond your first day on the job without swearing at the audience, you might still manage to mix-up your words and spout a load of nonsense.

Or, like poor old Simon McCoy, you might confuse your iPad with a ream of photocopier paper.

Even if you do make it all the way through your report, try not to be too ambitious as you're still not out of the woods yet, as Paul Cicala, a sports reporter for News4 KVOA found when covering the Arizona Wildcats game against the Colorado Buffaloes at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

“The game tips off in about three minutes and I have to speedwalk… to make sure I cover all the highlights,” Cicala said.


"I’m going to sign off now because I want to get there by the time everything tips off."

This would have been all fine if Cicala had decided to actually speed-walk. Instead, taking off at full-pace, the reporter sprinted towards the arena. Eating pavement in the process.

The reporter maintained his good humour about the incident on Twitter, however, despite a number of messages broadly comprised of the words 'hahahahahahaha'.

"Yeah. Funny stuff. My nalgas still hurt", he told one correspondent.