Next bus is a Nissan saloon

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THE DRIVER of a bus was so worried about his passengers when it broke down that he returned with his car and chauffeured them to work.

Ian Carey took matters into his own hands after the bus he drives in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, would not start because of the cold. Without telling his bosses, he got into his car and drove to rescue passengers waiting in Letwell village to travel to Rotherham.

He said: "I didn't tell the gaffer where I was going. I just got my car out of the garage and went. I couldn't bear to think of people freezing at bus stops and not knowing what was going on."

His boss at the small family firm, John Evans, praised Mr Carey. "It's not a regular route where there's another bus in five minutes - these buses run about every two hours."

Rosie Ireson, a 16-year-oldstudent, said: "I was really surprised to see the bus driver in his car. It's a good job there weren't more people waiting, or we could have been in real trouble."