'No future' for Di

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Princess Diana is "not much of a princess" and should be expelled from the Royal Family, right-wing Conservatives urged last night.

Forward, journal of the hard-line Conservative Way Forward Group, said in an editorial that the Princess of Wales had displayed "a voracious appetite for the privilege and attention" that followed her marriage.

The journal said: "If you join the firm, you take the package. One does not need to be judgmental about who is to blame for the divorce, but one is entitled to form a view about who is proving more damaging to the Monarchy in the process.

"The Princess of Wales has steadily forfeited the sympathy she so skilfully built up over the last few years.

"Her self-absorption has become increasingly apparent, and it is time to separate her irrevocably from the core of the institution which had earlier been so ready to embrace her."

Forward, edited by Sir George Gardiner MP, the right-wing MP facing reselection problems in his Reigate constituency, concludes: "The future of the monarchy is the Prince of Wales, and its future thereafter is Prince William. She may remain an excellent mother, but... she is not much of a Princess."

The council of Conservative Way Forward has a top-drawer membership. Baroness Thatcher is the president, Lord Tebbit the vice-president and Lord Parkinson is chairman. The current issue of the group's magazine also carries articles by Tory party chairman Dr Brian Mawhinney and Defence Secretary Michael Portillo.

The anonymous author of the editorial is careful to distance the Queen from the Tory Right's dislike of her daughter-in-law. "The Queen displays the virtue of constancy," the article says.