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John Major is facing the threat of a revolt from backbench MPs angered by the Government's refusal to back the pounds 9,000 increase in their pay recommended by the Senior Salaries Review Board.

Sir Peter Fry, Tory MP for Wellingborough, said the Government would not be able to rely on his support for ordinary business in the Commons if the proposed rise was blocked. And although he said would still back Mr Major if it came to a vote of confidence, he warned that feelings in the party were running so high others could take a similar line. "I feel frankly that they have made a total mess of it - and not for the first time," Sir Peter said. "They have upset a very important strata of the party. This is not just the people who would cut off their right arm to become a parliamentary private secretary."

With Mr Major's Commons majority down to just one, a campaign of disobedience by MPs could bring business to a halt.