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Leukaemia victim Jaymee Bowen will be cremated today with a special memento at her side - her sister's favourite teddy bear, her father disclosed last night.

Jaymee, 10, who first hit the headlines as "Child B" when she was refused further treatment on the National health Service, died last Tuesday night. She had won an extra 17 months of life thanks to revolutionary new treatment paid for by an anonymous donor after she was given just eight weeks to live by the Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Commission last year.

Jaymee's father, David Bowen, will lead mourners at Croydon Parish Church, south London, before a cremation at Brandon Hill Cemetery, Wallington, Surrey. Speaking on ITV's Tonight with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, he said: "Every parent thinks their child is wonderful but she had a wonderful aura, a presence about her ... I would have traded my life without thinking to give her another year because she had a wonderful time."