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Police investigating a road-rage incident were interviewing two men last night after a man was held up at gunpoint at the Milton interchange near Cambridge. The gun, later found to be a toy, was held to the head of the man on Sunday night, a week after the road-rage killing of Stephen Cameron at Swanley, Kent.

The man threatened had got out of a car being driven by his wife after they had been forced to stop when another car was driven towards them the wrong way along a slip-road. "The woman sounded the horn as a warning and stopped the car," a Cambridgeshire police spokesman said. "Her husband got out to speak with the driver of the Sierra, who opened his door and produced something that looked like a handgun. He put it to the head of the man, and said something to him."

The couple drove home and then telephoned police. Later a car was stopped by Essex police on the M11, when a toy gun was found. Police said four people were taken into custody. Two women were later released, and two men, 24 and 17, were detained for questioning. Peter Victor