Noel and Liam open up for BBC

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Despite his penchant for anthemic rock songs Noel Gallagher declares there is nothing for the youth of the Nineties to believe in anymore in a documentary to be shown next week. Instead Noel and his brother Liam extol the virtues of having fun in Oasis: Right Here Right Now which will be shown next Wednesday on BBC1, the night before the band's new album goes on sale.

In their longest ever television interviews Noel denies being a spokesman for his generation although he admits: "We'd definitely be leading the march if there was anywhere to march to."

Liam says: "I want to have fun ... I'm 24 years of age and I'm in the most important rock and roll band in the world ... how could I not have fun? I've got a load of money, what am I going to do; sit at home and clip my f****** toenails?"