Northern Ireland Assembly poll latest results

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The following elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly were announced last night. Full collated results will be announced today.


Roy Beggs Junior (UUP) and Sean Neeson (Alliance) on first count.

Antrim East

David Hilditch (DUP) on eighth count.

Antrim North

Ian Paisley Junior (DUP) on second count; Sean Farren (SDLP) on sixth count.

Antrim South

Jim Wilson (UUP) on first count; Wilson Clyde (DUP) on sixth count; Norman Boyd (UKU) on seventh count; Donovan McClelland (SDLP) on eighth count.

Belfast East

Peter Robinson (DUP) and Lord Alderdice (Alliance) on first count.

Belfast North

Nigel Dodds (DUP) and Alban Maginness (SDLP) on first count.

Belfast South

Michael McGimpsey (UUP) on fifth count; Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP) on sixth count; Esmond Birnie (UUP) and Mark Robinson (DUP) on eighth count; Professor Monica McWilliams (NI Women) and Mrs Carmel Hanna (SDLP) on tenth count.

Belfast West

Dr Joe Hendron (SDLP) and Gerry Adams (SF) on first count; Miss Sue Ramsey (SF) on eighth count; Miss Bairbre De Brun (SF) on ninth count; Alex Maskey (SF) and Alex Attwood (SDLP) on tenth count.

Down North

Robert McCartney (UKU) on first count; John Gorman and Alan McFarland (UUP) on sixth count.

Down South

Eddie McGrady (SDLP) on first count; Mick Murphy (SF) on sixth count.

Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Tommy Gallagher (SDLP) on first count; Sam Foster (UUP) on fifth count.


John Hume (SDLP) on first count; Mitchel McLaughlin (SF) on fifth count; Mark Durkan (SDLP) on sixth count; John Tierney (SDLP) on seventh count; William Hay (DUP) and Mrs Mary Nelis (SF) elected on eighth count.

Lagan Valley

Seamus Close (Alliance) on first count; Billy Bell (UUP) on fifth count; Edwin Poots (DUP) on seventh count; Patrick Roche (UKU); Ms Patricia Lewsley (SDLP) and Ivan Davis (UUP) elected on ninth count.

Londonderry East

Gregory Campbell (DUP) on first count; David McClarty (UUP) on fifth count; John Dallat (SDLP) on sixth count; Arthur Doherty (SDLP) on eighth count; Boyd Douglas (Unionist) and Pauline Armitage (UUP) on ninth count.

Newry & Armagh

Seamus Mallon (SDLP) on first count; Paul Berry (DUP) on fourth count.

Tyrone West

Oliver Gibson (DUP) and Pat Docherty (SF) on first count; Joe Byrne (SDLP) on fourth count.

Ulster Mid

The Rev William McCrea (DUP) and Martin McGuinness (SF) on first count; Denis Haughey (SDLP), Francie Molloy (SF), John Kelly (SF) and Billy Armstrong (UUP) on sixth count.

Upper Bann

David Trimble (UUP) and Brid Rodgers (SDLP) on first count.


Alliance - Alliance Party

SF - Sinn Fein

DUP - Democratic Unionist Party

SDLP - Social Democratic and Labour Party

NI Women - Women's Coalition

UUP - Ulster Unionist Party

UKU - UK Unionists