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10 April 1998: Good Friday Agreement signed at Stormont after 22 months of negotiations. Devolution to proceed hand-in-hand with surrender of paramilitary arsenals. Sinn Fein guarantees to "deliver IRA".

12 April 1998: Gerry Adams threatens to undermine Belfast peace deal by paying tribute to IRA unit blamed for Enniskillen bomb.

22 May 1998: People of Northern Ireland display massive support for Stormont deal as 71.12 per cent in North-South Referendums vote in favour of Agreement.

15 Aug 1998: Omagh bomb explodes, killing 29, injuring 311. Peace process severely shaken.

29 March 1999: Deadlock over decommissioning threatens to wreck the Agreement. Blair flies to Belfast to try to resolve issue.

15 July 1999: Ulster Unionists refuse to join new power-sharing executive and boycott Assembly meeting to nominate Northern Ireland's new government. Tony Blair forced to "park" peace process over summer.

26 Aug 1999: Mo Mowlam declares ceasefire intact, despite murders, beatings and expulsions. This plus decision not to halt early release of Republican paramilitary prisoners, lead Unionists to brand her Sinn Fein puppet.

6 Sep 1999: Senator George Mitchell's make- or-break review of implementation of Good Friday Agreement, which Sinn Fein and Ulster Unionists have both agreed to take part in.

10 Sep 1999: David Trimble's deputy, John Taylor, walks out on peace process claiming Good Friday Agreement will never work, after Chris Patten's report on future of Northern Ireland's police force, including plans to rename the RUC and axe thousands of officers.

11 Oct 1999: Peter Mandelson becomes Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

15 Nov 1999: Senator George Mitchell declares: "We are just a small step from peace."

16 Nov 1999: David Trimble risks party split by offering to form power- sharing government with Sinn Fein before IRA has decommissioned single weapon.

17 Nov 1999: IRA confirms it is prepared to appoint senior figure to start negotiations with international body on decommissioning once power- sharing executive set up.

18 Nov 1999: Mitchell bids his second "final" farewell to Northern Ireland after unveiling report on his 10-week review of peace process.

23 Nov 1999: Queen delights Unionists by awarding George Cross to RUC.

27 Nov 1999: Ulster Unionists' ruling council meets to decide whether to back devolution deal. Votes yes.