Now Noble aims to go supersonic

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The man behind the land speed record-breaking Thrust SSC project yesterday said his next target will be to take his machine past the speed of sound.

Richard Noble said: "We are going supersonic, that is my aim."

Wrapped up in the euphoria of breaking the world land speed record, he added: "We have broken the world record with a car using only 60 per cent of its capacity. We have achieved probably the greatest increase in the land speed record ever, and we can go faster."

Mr Noble said his team was celebrating its record run, when the car clocked up 714.1mph in Nevada's Black Rock Desert on Thursday. Then work would start immediately on an attempt on the speed of sound, which would take place in about 10 days, he said.

Mr Noble added: "We are celebrating wildly. We have worked non-stop for six years and this is the first bit of success we have had. It is probably the biggest success ever in the history of the land speed record attempts."

The achievement brought congratulations from both Buckingham Palace and Downing Street.