Bijan Pakzad

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Bijan Pakzad, who died on 16 April aged either 67 or 71, was a Beverly Hills designer of ultra-luxury clothing, perfume and jewellery.

Pakzad, who was born in Tehran in 1940 or 1944, emigrated to the United States in 1973 and opened a boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills, which customers can visit by appointment only. He boasted that his Bijan label included the most expensive menswear in the world, with suits costing thousands of dollars.

In the 1980s he courted notoriety by designing a golden Colt revolver, one of which later sold at auction for $50,000 while in the 1990s he teamed up with the basketball player Michael Jordan to produce a brand of cologne that became a bestseller.